Aimee Bobruk

Musician & Film Visionary | Austin, Texas-based award-winning musician and songwriter.  Recognized for her original songs on the album /ba.'brook/ and for her co-writes with songwriters internationally, Bobruk will be riding the border, documenting, interviewing, and sculpting the vision of the documentary film. More about her music here.   


Randy langford

Advisor, Law | A lawyer specializing in areas of restorative justice, mediation, flexible contracts, and community and conflict. Langford is facilitating with the project's communications and contracts. More about Randy here


andrew Long

Advisor, Artistic Director | Visual artist and founder of Creative Arts Austin. Andrew Long has an extensive career as an exhibiting painter, dancer, and creative director. Long will be offering perspective on the execution of the exhibit. More about Andrew here


Steffany Thees

Advisor, Linguistics | Bilingual in English and Spanish, and experienced in teaching, tutoring, and crafting cultural activities. Thees will use her talents in translation and writing to help Spanish speakers involved in the project.




Videographer, Creative Producer, Director, Photographer | Specializing in extreme sports videography, Varner will be filming and documenting the journey. Her vision of the overarching story will be reflected in the short documentary to be screened in conjunction with exhibits.




Lawrence Goynes

Video Editor | A native Texan with skills in both the cutting room and behind the camera as an operator, Goynes brings forth his unique style of editing, storytelling chops, and technical prowess to deliver the final cut of the TBP documentary.


Mario Gonzales

Intern, Web/Social Media/VideoContent Editing | A 2018 graduating senior from UT School of Communications, Mario Gonzales brings enthusiasm and an online savvy perspective to TBP media content.